The June Drop

The June Drop is so called  because ‘Apples naturally shed some fruit-lets in early summer, and this process is known as the ‘June drop‘. This may look alarming but, in fact, is not usually a cause for concern as a good crop of apples is often left on the tree.’ 


However, as many Gardeners can attest to, I am working so hard I’m *almost* looking forward to winter. I’m fit to drop!  So far this June I have attended the inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Press Day was quite exciting, and I got to meet Alan Titchmarsh as well as Mary Berry. However, the weather was atrocious and Press Day was cut short at 1pm. It was a welly and winter coat affair and hardly very Flaming June.


There were six showgardens, of which a few really stood out for me.  I particularly liked the willow hurdling on Butter Wakefield’s gold-medal garden for Belmond.  You could see through the hurdling into the garden beyond, with the beautiful potager beds and wildflowers.

Butter’s neighbour, Paul Hervey Brookes, also won gold and Best in Show.  I particularly liked his brutal use of cor-ten and concrete juxtaposed with quite lush planting.

But my personal favourite was Sam Oven‘s garden for Wedgwood.  Its clever use of space, and stonework with copper beech hedging should, in my opinion, have had a greater recognised response.

Some other highlights:

Gearing up for RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, but in the meantime I’m cutting box, deadheading roses, planting perennials and trying not to get sunburned. I am however, the new owner of a logo!

Many thanks to Nick Stone of Starfish Graphic Designs in Norwich!

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