The darling buds of May

The spring drought finally ended this week, with the much needed rain arriving on Thursday. The soil is so dry, we are going to need a significant amount. The rain brings freshness and revives the plants.

On Friday I was asked by a local Garden Designer Lara Behr to pleach 5 hornbeams she had installed in a local garden last year. I spent the day tying in the laterals, and pruning out the verticals.


After a couple of years of judicious pruning it will be possible to remove the supports and the client will be left with some really effective screening from his neighbours. Very easy to achieve! Also in the garden was a very beautiful Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ flowering its socks off.


At this time of year THE MOST EFFECTIVE thing you can do in the garden to make it look good is the edging. If all you’ve got time for in the garden is keeping your lawn edges neat you can get away with a lot.





Only a week to Chelsea Flower Show! Here’s what is looking good now.

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